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"Friendly and Knowledgeable"

Worked with Dan's associate Steven. We could not be more pleased with our experience. Steven was friendly knowledgeable and most important patient with first time home buyers. He taught us the whole process step by step, and stayed within our budget. We ended up getting our first offer accepted a rare feat in the sf Bay Area. Our sellers ended up being difficult but Steven continued to help us to the end all while remaining professional. I would recommend him to anyone and would absolutely use him again.

- Phil B.

"Could Not Have Been Happier"

Throughout Dan's representation of me in a recent transaction, I really felt as though he had my back. His thoroughness and follow through and, above all, communication and availability were SO key in this transaction, as I was not able to have been as personally available as I would have liked. I had a lot of questions, some rather nit-picky but important, and he did not drop the ball once; always coming back to me in a timely manner. I also felt that I was not being "worked through some real estate machine", he stayed on top of things, to the point of making me feel comfortable enough to pass the helm to him to carry the transaction through to successful completion. I could not have been happier with Dan in my home search. Everything was taken care of for me. He did so in a timely manner. He was extremely reliable, everything he said he was going to do, he followed through on. He was very direct when dealing with selling agents. He was also very patient with me, even when I was rather indecisive at times. And when I was indecisive, he would offer advice and positive vibes! And never pushy. He gave me great recommendations for all related services as well. Thanks Dan!

- Andrew H.

"Dan Goes Above and Beyond"

Dan is the best real estate agent we've ever worked with. On top of all the things you expect from a great real estate agent, Dan is also: (1.) Flexible, patient and reliable to the extreme: We, as buyers, had very specific needs and work desk jobs, so we needed an agent like this. Dan has stayed up with us past midnight on many occasions and started working early the next day to submit offers. The moment you ask him for something, it's as good as done. He answers all of our questions, no matter how mundane or obscure. He let us know in advance when he would be out of town or otherwise unavailable (as opposed to being available only at certain times). He never missed anything during the time we worked with him! (2.) Able to roll with the punches: Finding a home can be time consuming and emotionally draining, and he knew what support to provide at what times. He stepped in when our confidence and endurance waned, and he let us take control when when we were recharged and prepared. He developed a relationship with us, so his approach was tailored to us. (3.) Full Service: Dan goes above and beyond, providing his open and honest opinions on buildings and comps, his knowledge of trends in the market, and his read on properties. He's pursued creative ways to find properties that aren't even listed on MLS (in fact, that is how we found our new home). He also has developed an excellent network of related professionals, including the mortgage broker we ended up using. If it weren't for Dan, I think we'd be renting forever!

- Sheewon B.

"Best Real Estate Agents I’ve Seen"

Daniel and Steven are the best real estate agents I've seen. They're diligent, knowledgeable and great to work with. We were introduced to them through a common friend and found the perfect house with their help.

- JC L

"Dream Come True"

Today I am very happy because I got the keys to my house and it is like a dream come true. Special thanks to my agent Daniel who worked very hard to get done very fast. Since the beginning he transmitted confidence and showed me how to do all the steps very clearly. I couldn't believe how many papers I had to sign and how organized he was with his work. I was always informed what was going on by cell or email about the negotiation and that made me very comfortable. I am very glad to have done business with him and I highly recommend him to someone who wants to buy a home. Thank you very much.

- Damon F.

"Proactive Agents"

Buying a house anywhere is intimidating. Add in being a first time homebuyer plus the crazy insane San Francisco real estate market, we needed a ton of help. Dan & Steven took care of us and quickly brought us up to speed on how to navigate this market. They were always available to answer questions, find more information about properties we were interested in, and guide us through placing offers & negotiations. They also have a deep bench of fantastic bankers, contractors, and inspectors that helped us get through closing. Dan & Steven are the most professional, kind, and proactive agents in the city. A massive thank you for their expert guidance. We highly recommend contacting Dan & Steven. They're the best!!

- Alex P.

"Great Experience"

I recently worked with Dan in identifying & purchasing an investment property in San Francisco, and he made the process incredibly easy, following up on my wide range of questions – from mundane to curiosity to detailed property issues – promptly even going so far as meeting contractors on my behalf prior to close to make sure I was ready to get work started right away. On a number of occasions, he met my on the peninsula, and worked through a snag in the 11th hour on close while I was out of town but that probably should have had me in town. He also made great recommendations on both loan officers & insurance agents that saved me a lot of money. It was a great experience, and I hope to be able to work with him again on my next investment property!

- David W