Dan is the best real estate agent we’ve ever worked with. On top of all the things you expect from a great real estate agent, Dan is also: (1.) Flexible, patient and reliable to the extreme: We, as buyers, had very specific needs and work desk jobs, so we needed an agent like this. Dan has stayed up with us past midnight on many occasions and started working early the next day to submit offers. The moment you ask him for something, it’s as good as done. He answers all of our questions, no matter how mundane or obscure. He let us know in advance when he would be out of town or otherwise unavailable (as opposed to being available only at certain times). He never missed anything during the time we worked with him! (2.) Able to roll with the punches: Finding a home can be time consuming and emotionally draining, and he knew what support to provide at what times. He stepped in when our confidence and endurance waned, and he let us take control when when we were recharged and prepared. He developed a relationship with us, so his approach was tailored to us. (3.) Full Service: Dan goes above and beyond, providing his open and honest opinions on buildings and comps, his knowledge of trends in the market, and his read on properties. He’s pursued creative ways to find properties that aren’t even listed on MLS (in fact, that is how we found our new home). He also has developed an excellent network of related professionals, including the mortgage broker we ended up using. If it weren’t for Dan, I think we’d be renting forever!

Sheewon B.