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San Francisco is for the Dogs!

San Francisco is for the Dogs!

Dogs are the most popular pet in our country, according to American Veterinary Medicine Association, with 38.4% of American households having an average of 1.6 dogs. Despite its reputation, San Francisco was ranked ninth most dog-friendly city in America, having been beat out by Seattle (#1), Chicago (#2), New York (#4) and Los Angeles (#7) among others, according to Rover. It may be because one of the metrics is the concentration of dog-walkers and -sitters, who may ill-afford our high rents.

Here are Rover‘s top dog parks in San Francisco:

  1. Bernal Heights Dog Park (Bernal Heights Blvd.)
  2. Fort Funston Dog Park (Skyline Blvd.)
  3. Alamo Square Dog Park (Fulton Street and Scott Street)
  4. Pine Lake Dog Park (Vale Ave. and Crestlake Dr.)
  5. Glen Canyon Dog Park (Bosworth St. and Elk St.)
  6. Duboce Dog Park (Duboce Ave. and Noe St.)
  7. St. Mary’s Dog Park (95 Justin Drive)
  8. Corona Heights Dog Park (Roosevelt and Museum Ways)
  9. Buena Vista Dog Park (Haight St. and Buena Vista Ave.)
  10. Dolores Dog Park (18th Street and Dolores Street)

If you’re considering where to live with your favorite canine companion(s), the surrounding neighborhoods may be your best bet. Please ask us for our suggestions!


Steven Huang

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